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Welcome to the Online Screening Form. The data will only be sent to the Safety Officer of your parish, school or other location. All information entered on this form is kept private and secure.

This form is to be completed for all applicants for any position (volunteer or compensated). This is not an employment application. Persons seeking employment will be required to provide additional information. This process is used to help the church provide a safe and secure environment for children, youth and adults who participate in our program and use our facilities.

Volunteer means any unpaid person engaged in or involved in a Diocesan activity, and who is entrusted with the care and supervision of children and/or persons engaged or involved in ministry who have regular individual contact with the elderly or disabled. When you submit this form, it will be sent to the appropriate person.

In connection with your application and for other employment purposes, the Diocese of Dallas may seek background information about you from a consumer reporting agency. This information will be in the form of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports.

These reports may be obtained at any time after the Diocese of Dallas receives authorization from you, including any time during the period of your employment if the Diocese of Dallas hires you.

Consumer reports include any written, oral or other communication of information by a consumer reporting agency bearing on your credit standing, character, general reputation and other characteristics that is expected to be used for employment purposes. Consumer reports may include criminal records, and driving records, among other resources.

Accutrak, or another consumer reporting agency, will obtain the reports for the Diocese of Dallas.

You have the right to request information from the Diocese of Dallas about the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report on you that is requested by the Diocese of Dallas. The request must be made in writing and within a reasonable period of time after you have received this disclosure.

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Background Info

Because the Diocese of Dallas cares for our children, youth and adults and desires to protect them, we ask you to please answer the following questions. We understand the following questions are personal and we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your privacy.

Are you presently abusing alcohol or using any illegal drugs?

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Have you ever been convicted of, pleaded guilty or no contest to, placed on probation for, given probation, given community supervision, or given deferred adjudication for a crime or are you now under charges for any criminal offense?

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Answering yes to these questions will not automatically exclude you for volunteering. The following lines are for any explanations or details that you would like to include for yes answers above.

Volunteer/Applicant Release Statement

Read Carefully!

  • The information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that all criminal background checks will be treated as confidential, and any questions or information about the results may be obtained ONLY by my contacting the diocesan approved vendor.
  • I understand and authorize the access to any and all information and records relating to my criminal history or criminal offenses committed or alleged, arrests, alleged criminal acts and criminal offenses committed.
  • I understand and authorize any references, or any other person or organization, whether or not identified in this application, to give any information (including opinions) regarding my character and fitness for service.
  • I hereby release any reference contact, whether identified or not in this application, and waive any and all claims, liability for damages of whatever kind or nature which may at any time result to me, my heirs/family, on account of compliance with this authorization, excepting only the communication of knowingly false information.
  • I am aware that background checks may be updated periodically.
  • If a disqualifying offense is found on a criminal background check, there is an appeal process in the Safe Environment Program. I understand that this process allows me to verify information and correct any errors.
  • I intend this to be a legally binding release, which I have read and understand. I understand that I may consult with an attorney before signing this document. A facsimile or photocopy of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.

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Date: 07/15/2024